Safety Angel is owned and operated by satellite tracking industry veterans DiyTrack™, who designs and supplies vehicle tracking systems and other electronic tracking technologies.
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About Safety Angel
Our Personal GPS Trackers have been designed so that they can be discreetly worn by your loved ones, to monitor their whereabouts.
If your loved one goes missing whilst wearing a GPS Tracker, instead of waiting in a terrified panic that they have come to some harm, you can locate them via your internet enabled mobile phone.
Our Vision
Giving Guardians, Parents and Care Givers the confidence to give loved ones the Independence they deserve, whilst providing reassurance to Know Where They Are, Wherever You Are!
Enabling children to have the freedom to play outdoors, or to walk to school alone, whilst their Parents / Guardians can still monitor their location
Helping Guardians Locate Elderly and Vulnerable Adults if they wander away from familiar surroundings
Promote Outdoor Lifestyles
Why Choose Safety Angel
No Monthly Fees or Contracts
Detailed User Manuals
Provide a Range of Products to Suit All Ages.
We Only Supply High Quality Products, NOT Cheap Fong Kong Cloned Devices that Perform Poorly.

Don't be fooled by similar looking Trackers. Suppliers of these provide little / no support, poor / incorrect
written manuals & cloned products that perform poorly, which will only leave you disappointed.
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Sole Suppliers to PSARU for GPS Tracking Devices
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Beware Of Imitations

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it can cause big problems for you if the imitation is sub standard.
Due to the performance, value, reliability, and quality of Safety Angel GPS Tracking Watches we have achieved a level of popularity worldwide as the standard in GPS Tracking watches. Many competitors have offered similar products of their own design and should be judged on their merits. Unfortunately some unethical competitors have chosen to make what appear to be total imitations of Safety Angel products. Some have even copied our part numbers! Their major claim is that they are cheaper than Safety Angel. They have even claimed to have made our products for us in the past.

Safety Angel GPS Watches are the best GPS Watches available and we invite honest comparisons based on performance, value, reliability, and quality. If someone tells you its "just as good as Safety Angel" ask them to show you without risk to you.
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