A Safe Zone is a virtual radius which you can set using the app. Safe Zones are a virtual radius around a location, such as home, or work. When a Safe Zone is set, a  notification will be sent to the care giver's Smartphone when the Elderly Guardiandetects that the device wearer has crossed out of the Safe Zone.

SOS Panic Button for emergencies
Elderly Guardian2
Listen remotely via the microphone
Set a Safe Zone
GPS Tracker
This allows you listen in to the Elderly Guardian's surroundings.
This is a safety feature, and is completely discrete
 (i.e. the wearer does not need to press any buttons)
Fall Detection Sensor
When the Elderly Guardian detects a fall, the device will send will send an SMS text to the programmed mobile numbers  indicating that the person has fallen.
The SMS Alerts are automatically dispatched with the location of the person
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How Does The Elderly Guardian Work?
The Elderly Guardian pairs with a guardian's Smartphone with a mobile
iOS or Android app that will show where the elderly person is at any given moment.


This GPS tracker allows a Guardian to keep in touch with its wearer and also provides a direct line of communication should this be required.



The Elderly has re-imagined Smartphone voice and location technology for the elderly.

The wristwatch is a marriage of GPS and cell tower location safely combined into one small device


There is one large button in the middle of the Elderly Guardian.
Once pressed, it will send out a duress alarm with the details of the location, the tracker will also call the SOS numbers (up tom 8 numbers), in turn, until someone answers.
The Elderly Guardian has a 3 dots Braille on the SOS button,
allowing for the Elderly guardian to be used effectively in the dark or by people with a disability.
The Elderly Guardian is also a mini mobile phone
With an on board speaker and microphone the Elderly Guardian is also mini mobile phone.
Up to 8 numbers can also be programmed and called with the push of a button.You can also call the Elderly Guardian direct, the device will automatically answer the call after 10 seconds or by a push of a button.
The mobile phone function could come in great use – it’s like having a mini-phone strapped to your wrist!
Wear in the shower

Waterproof - There is no need to take your panic button off when you are in the shower.

Dimensions - 45X48X19mm