How Does the Family Guardian Work?
You can call or send a simple text message to the Family Guardian gps tracker to get an instant reply with location coordinates. If you have an internet enabled phone, then simply click on the link in the text to go straight to Google Maps to see the location. With an older style mobile phone, you can manually enter the received coordinates into Google Maps on a laptop/desktop internet browser.

The Family Guardian gps tracker can be a valuable asset for any parent or guardian. Designed to be small and lightweight, so it is convenient to carry and can bring a sense of security to any parent or caretaker of an at risk or special needs child or Alzheimer sufferer. The Family Guardian is ideal for anyone taking care of someone who tends to wander and become lost. The Family Guardian is popular with Dementia sufferers, and can be easily carried as a pendant (lanyard strap included), in a pocket, as key ring (weighs just 50gms) or even sewn into a bag/jacket.

It gives accurate locations via text message, and can also be tracked online.

SOS Panic Button for emergencies
When the SOS button on the Family Guardian Tracker is pressed, it will send an alert “help me!” text with location information to the phone numbers which have been pre-set by text message (up to three numbers which can also be landlines. These are set, and can be changed any time, by sending a text message to the Family Guardian Tracker). The tracker will also call the SOS numbers, in turn, until someone answers. The Family Guardian Tracker can be set to call the numbers with both the speaker and microphone enabled, or just the microphone, so that the carer can hear the surroundings (like most of the variables, this is pre-set by a simple text command). The carer will know to expect a call, because they will have already just received the “help me” text moments before. It’s an incredibly useful safety feature. The tracker holder can press the SOS button if lost, confused, or in any trouble .
Family Guardian
Two buttons on the side of the Family Guardian Tracker can be programmed to call specific numbers –
(or, the numbers can be left blank if you want to prevent this optional function).
This allows the wearer to call two different people whenever necessary at the touch of a button.
The speaker and microphone then allow two-way communication just like a mobile phone.
The Family Guardian can also receive phone calls from up to 5 pre-authorized numbers. This allows parents/care givers or relatives to be able to speak to the Family Guardian Tracker holder, for example to offer reassurance or convey information. The Family Guardian Tracker answers calls automatically, with either the microphone or both the microphone and speaker enabled. This is programmed via a sms text message setting. There are no ringing sounds or beeps whatsoever on this Tracker – the calling functionality is more for safety and reassurance in certain situations rather than calling the Tracker to make social calls – although this is obviously possible if the wearer hears you talking through the speaker.
Only numbers which have been previously authorized via a text message setting will be able to call the Family Guardian Tracker. This means that the tracker holder will not be bothered by wrong numbers.
The Family Guardian Tracker is also a mini mobile phone
Listen remotely via the microphone
Set a Safe Zone
The Family Guardian Tracker has two methods of “geo-fencing” – setting an area which then alerts you if the tracker strays too far. You can set a rectangular area (at least 100 meters across), or a radius distance from wherever the tracker happens to be (e.g. at the person’s home). If the Tracker leaves the set area, then an alert warning text is sent to the first three of the pre-authorised phone numbers. The rectangular area is set by texting a command containing the location coordinates of two corners of the area you want to set. You can also set this function to alert you if the tracker goes into the set area. The other method is to send a simple command that tells the tracker to alert you if it strays X meters from wherever it happens to be at the time you send the text. So if the person is at home, you can know if they stray more than 70 meters from their house. Because the Tracker checks the location every couple of minutes, note that geo-fencing reduces the battery life to about 4 days. This feature is useful for all sorts of situations – knowing if a vulnerable wanderer leaves their street or area, or if your child leaves school.
The inbuilt rechargeable battery lasts for seven days standby.
The supplied USB charger takes just a few hours to restore full battery life. You can receive a sms text alert if the battery drops below a specified level, e.g. 10% remaining. This “reminder” level can be set by a sms text command.
For such a small device (only 6.5 x 4 x 1.8 cm – about the size of a match box) with GPS and calling technology, the battery life is outstanding.
Long standby battery life
You can view the Family Guardian's Position
with any internet enabled mobile phone
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This allows you listen in to the Family Guardian's surroundings.
This is a safety feature, and is completely discrete
 (i.e. the wearer does not need to press any buttons)
Optional online Live Tracking

The Family Guardian tracking unit can also be live tracked on our web based tracking platform from any PC worldwide.


Fall Detection Sensor
When the Family Guardian detects a fall, the device will send will send an SMS text to the programmed mobile numbers  indicating that the person has fallen.
The SMS Alerts are automatically dispatched with the location of the person
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