How Does The Child Finder Pro Work?
The Child Finder pairs with a parents Smartphone with a mobile
iOS or Android app that shows where your child is at any given moment.

Android and IOS App
Child Finder
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Every parent wants their child to explore, discover and just be a kid.
But imagine if you could stay in touch along the way.
The Child Finder is easy to use and is school friendly.
See where your kids are, where they’ve been, and for how long – all without intruding on their sense of independence.


The Child Finder is a world first device which has re-imagined Smartphone voice and location technology for children. The colorful wristwatch is a marriage of GPS and cell tower location safely combined into one small device


The Child Finder has a built in camera allowing you to capture snap shots remotely and your child can take "selfies"
You can also remotely capture and view snap shots around the vicinity of your child.
The Child Finder is also a mini mobile phone
The Child Finder can be programmed to call specific numbers –
(or, the numbers can be left blank if you want to prevent this optional function). This allows your child to call whenever necessary at the touch of a button. The speaker and microphone then allow two-way communication just like a mobile phone.

The Child Finder can also receive phone calls from up to 10 pre-authorised numbers.
This allows parents/care givers or relatives to be able to speak to your child, for example to offer reassurance or convey information.

Send and receive instant voice messagages
The Child Finder watch operates much like “WhatsApp”
All the registered guardians are able to send and receive voice messages to and from your child.
Set a Safe Zone
A Safe Zone is a virtual radius which you can set using the app. Safe Zones are a virtual radius around a location, such as home, school or a friend's house. When a Safe Zone is set, a  notification will be sent to the parent’s Smartphone when the Child Guardian detects that your child has crossed out of the Safe Zone.

SOS Panic Button for emergencies
When the SOS is pressed, it will automatically call and send a text message to the parent.Your child can press the SOS button if lost, confused, or in any trouble.


The pedometer function counts each step taken, by detecting the motion of your child thereby enabling you to see how active your child is.

Remote Shutdown
With this cool new LED Torch feature, your child no longer needs to be afraid of the dark!
LED Torch
Tamper Alert
If the Child Finder is removed from your child's arm, you will be alerted via a message and on the App showing the location.
The guardian can switch the watch OFF remotely via the App.
GPS Tracker with GPS+WiFi+LBS locating
Use like a normal watch
Step Counter / Pedometer
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