Elderly Guardian Smart Watch

Safety Angel watches are the smartest locator devices available in the world today

Elderly Guardian

Safety Angel watches are the smartest locator devices available in the world today

Peace of Mind for Guardians

Our Elderly Guardian smart watch  has been specifically designed to give peace of mind for relatives and carers of elderly and dementia wanderers.

The Elderly guardian smart watch  is essential smartwatch for the elderly and persons with dimentia.

The Elderly Guardian smart watch features  voice calling, messaging, location tracking, fitness tracking, AI functions, and much more.

 With the Elderly Guardian smart watch you will always be able to know the location of the wearer in real-time. 

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SOS Panic Button for emergencies

The Elderly Guardian smart watch  is equipped with a SOS panic button. If the wearer is lost or in trouble, they can hold down the SOS button. 

This automatically messages the programmed numbers with the location of the wearer, as well as calls the programmed numbers in turn until someone answers.

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Fall Down Sensor

When the Elderly Guardian smart watch detects a fall, the device will send a message alert to the programmed mobile numbers and will also call the preprogramed numbers automatically.

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Call each other anywhere, anytime

The Safety Angel Elderly guardian smart watch phone allows the wearer to make and receive calls from a guardian controlled contact list. You decide who the wearer can call or be called by; no strange numbers can call.

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Create Safe Zones to keep them safe

A Safe Zone is a virtual radius which you can set using the app. Safe Zones are a virtual radius around a location, such as home, or work. 

When a Safe Zone is set, a  notification will be sent to the care giver’s Smartphone when the Elderly Guardian smart watch detects that the device wearer has crossed out of the Safe Zone.

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Send and receive instant voice messages

The Elderly Guardian smart watch operates much like “WhatsApp”. All the registered guardians are able to send and receive voice messages to and from your wearer.

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The built-in GPS smart locator allows you to conveniently track and view The Elderly Guardian smart watch's location with the tracking App, giving you the peace of mind you need, and the elderly person their independence.

SOS Panic Button

The SOS feature when activated will send a text message with the GPS location to three cell phone numbers and then it will autodial the numbers on the SOS list.

Safe Zones

Always know where your loved one is even when you are not there. Receive an alert when the person enters or leaves a predetermined area.

Alarm Clock

You can set 3 different Alarm times, The Elderly guardian is a smart digital watch, with no indication that it is a GPS tracking device.


With a built-in accelerometer, the Safety Angel Elderly guardian smart watch measures the wearer's fitness levels and encourages them to stay active and healthy by tracking steps, calories burned, and distance traveled.

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Two Way Phone Calling

The Safety Angel Elderly Guardian smart watch is a mini cell phone with 2-way Voice Calling. Only the preset contacts can call smart watch.

Call blocker

With the Whitelist Call Blocker you can determine which callers are allowed to call the smart watch wearer.

Remote Listening

The listen in feature gives the guardian the ability to monitor the wearer's surroundings discretely.

Medication Reminder

You can preset times for the wearer to take his or her medication. The wearer will be alerted at the specified times.

Heart Rate Monitor

You can Remonetly monitor the heart rate of the wearer via the APP.


Keep in touch with your loved ones with text and voice messages.

IP65 Water Resistant

The Elderly Guardian is safeguarded with IP65 water resistant, protecting it from rain and hand washing splashes