Teen Guardian 2

Safety Angel watches are the smartest locator devices available in the world today

Teen Guardian 2

Safety Angel watches are the smartest locator devices available in the world today

Peace of Mind for Parents

The Teen Guardian 2 is the essential smartwatch for teens. It’s the smartwatch that teens love and parents trust.

 The Teen Guardian 2 features  voice calling, messaging, location tracking, fitness and much more.

 With the Teen Guardian 2 you will always be able to know the location of your child in real-time. The Teen Guardian 2 is the perfect solution for Teens and kids too young for smartphones!

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Get notified during emergencies

In an emergency your child can simply press a button to let you know they need help, and the watch automatically calls the emergency contact setup within the App.

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Call each other anywhere, anytime

The Safety Angel kid’s smart watch phone allows your child to make and receive calls from a parent controlled contact list. You decide who your child can call or be called by; granny and grandad yes, but no strangers.

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Create Safe Zones to keep your child safe.

Make your home, school and any other places you want into Safe Zones and know immediately when your child leaves them!

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The built-in GPS smart locator allows you to conveniently track and view your child’s location with the tracking App, giving you the peace of mind you need, and your kids the freedom to grow and explore on their own.

SOS Panic Button

The SOS feature when activated will send a text message with the GPS location to three cell phone numbers and then it will autodial the numbers on the SOS list.

Safe Zones

Always know where your child is even when you are not there. Receive an alert when your child enters or leaves a predetermined area.

Alarm Clock

You can set 3 different Alarm times, it is also a digital watch, with no indication that it is a GPS tracking device.

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Two Way Phone Calling

The Safety Angel is a mini cell phone with 2-way Voice Calling. Only the preset contacts can call your child.

Call blocker

With the Whitelist Call Blocker you can determine which callers are allowed to call your child

Remote Listening

The listen in feature gives the parent the ability to monitor their child's surroundings discretely.

School Mode

Safety Angel doesn't disturb during class times. Set up times when the Safety Angel watch can't receive calls to stop it disturbing school times, or being a distraction.


Keep in touch with your child with voice messages.