Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Safety Angel Guardian Watch work in my country?

Yes our trackers work worldwide where there is a 2G , 3G and 4G GSM cellular network. (including the US and Europe)

What is the range?

As our GPS watches work on a mobile network, there is no range. As long as your watch is connected to the cell phone network, you can interact with it: across the street or halfway across the world!

Does the Safety Angel Guardian Watch use WiFi?

PLEASE NOTE: The watch uses “data bundles” to send its location to the server for you view the location on the APP. However, should you want to use the phone calling or SOS function then you will also need to load normal “Airtime” as the watch will then make a cellular call to the pre-programmed numbers and function as normal mobile phone. GPS signals are carried through waves at a frequency that does not move easily through concrete and metal objects. All GPS devices rely on a series of satellites to determine where it is physically located. The signals sent from the satellites cannot penetrate buildings. When you use a GPS inside a building, a wide variety of physical barriers and potential interference sources hinder the device to pinpoint its location. Therefore, when outdoors the device will use the satellites to pinpoint its position to an accuracy of around 10meters. Should the device no be able to get a lock onto the Satellites for whatever reason it will then use the closest Wi-Fi location to determine its position. Example, if you are in a shopping Mall the watch cannot connect to the GPS satellites due to the fact the GPS signals cannot penetrate through buildings, so then it will use the nearest Wi-Fi such as Spur or Wimpy etc. Please note it does NOT connect to the Wi-Fi it only “reads” the location of the Wi-Fi hot spot and then sends that as it position. Should the watch not be able to connect to The Satellites or a Wi-Fi Hot spot it will then use LBS and use the nearest cell phone tower as its nearest position.

Are there set-up and ongoing costs involved?

The only payment you will make to Safety Angel is the cost of the tracking device (we even offer Free Delivery). Unlike competitor companies, Safety Angel does NOT charge monthly fees. Please note however that ALL GPS Trackers require a SIM card to be able to text the coordinates to another mobile phone or make a phone call,if your Safety Angel Guardian Watch is used daily, you’ll use about 25-50 MBs of data per month. This includes data for locating your child’s position, as well as for sending ‘voice chat messages’ back and forth with the tracker watch. It does not include video calls and normal voice calls.

Can multiple guardians be assigned to make contact with the Safety Angel Guardian Watch?

Yes multiple Guardians can be authorized to contact The Safety Angel Guardian Watch. This means that authorized people (Mom, Dad, Son etc) can have access to the Safety Angel Guardian Watch (to obtain its location etc) at any time.

How many contacts does the Safety Angel Guardian Watch store?

You can program up to 15 names and numbers in the watch’s phonebook. Your child simply swipes the touchscreen and taps on the desired contact to place a call.

What Is the accuracy of the Safety Angel Guardian Watch?

Accuracy can be up to 10 metres, but location and environmental factors can affect this.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life is dependent on usage, but rest assured that even with heavy usage, our battery will last the entire day. And while its very possible that our battery could last 2-3 days, we strongly recommend charging it nightly, just to make sure.

Can my child go swimming with the Safety Angel Guardian Watch?

We don’t recommend it.  Our Safety Angel Guardian watches carry an IP67 waterproof rating. This means they’ve been engineered to withstand being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep, for up to 30 minutes. However, its important to understand these criteria are tested in ‘lab conditions’ where the water is still and pure. It’s best to remove your Safety Angel Guardian watch before going swimming.